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Don't let bad weather ruin your holiday? We bet on sunny weather!!!
If it rains on Easter and on long weekends (22/04 - 25/04 or 29/04 - 01/05) 10% discount. (Discount applied on standard rate. Offers cannot be combined.)

Low Season
In low season (except June and holidays) discount of 10% on a minimum stay of 4 nights.

The History of Hotel Roma

It is up to me, Lisa, the youngest child in the family, to tell the tale of Hotel Roma in Castiglione della Pescaia. At the beginning of the 20th century, my great-great grandparents, Simone Guidi and Adina Lami, already had a room-renting business in Vetulonia. In about 1918, they descended to Castiglione della Pescaia where they bought, near the port, a house that was still under construction, giving rise to Pensione Roma. The years passed and "grandmother Adina", an energetic, farsighted woman, bought a piece of land on the sea front where charcoal kilns existed at the time and with the aid of her children - four boys and three girls: Assunta, Aldo, Elio, Eva, Adamo, Guido and Alda - started building another hotel in that place. In 1927 Hotel Miramare came into being and they all moved there while Pensione Roma remained closed until just after the war. The years passed and the family grew and so did the hotel request and, in 1946, Pensione Roma also reopened thanks to my great-grandparents Elio and Iolands. Over the years, Hotel Roma was extended thanks to the purchase of the adjoining apartments that belonged to my aunts - Eva, Assunta, Alda and Angiolina - and, in 1950, with the construction of the third floor and terrace. In about 1955, my grandparents Edo and Anna started running it . They started profoundly restructuring it, giving Hotel Roma its characteristic blue color and its clearly visible "Hotel" sign. Time passed and, in about 1976, my grandparents made further alterations bringing the building to have its current color, shape and dimensions. Even nowadays my grandparents, who are still smart and energetic despite their age, are Hotel Roma's backbone but are helped by my mother Simonetta, who has taken over the running of the hotel and by me, Lisa, who - the youngest in this family of hoteliers - is endeavoring to upgrade it technologically but always true to our family and customers’ tradition.